Antenna supplies, Adapters

With our adapters you can connect your antenna to you wireless equipment. Below you will find our range adaptors.

Poynting GSM 4-way splitter

Poynting GSM 4-way splitter
  • Full GSM frequencies
  • Low loss splitter
  • Good phase and amplitude balance
€ 109,-incl VAT
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Poynting A-SPLT-0014 Splitter for broadband antennas

  • Poynting A-SPLT-0014 Splitter
  • Freq. bereik 824-2170 MHz
  • Input 1x SMA Female Jack
  • Output 2x SMA Female Jack
  • Splitting 1 antenne to 2 independent devices
€ 69,95incl VAT
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Adapter FME Female to FME Male right angle

MFC-RF037 Adapter FME Male to FME Female Right Angle frontview-3
  • Adapter FME Female to FME Male
  • Type: right angel
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Material: Brass nickel plated
  • Packaging per piece
€ 9,08incl VAT
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